Incense Burner (House) - Fairytale Snow White & Rose Red

Snow White and Rose Red on a spring day. This is the classic fairytale that launched the film Frozen! Our range of Incense burners are a modern version of a classic German tradition. Light your incense and watch beautifully scented smoke waft from the chimney. There is something magical about beautiful scents permeating throughout your home, be sure to check out our full range.

This Incense burner has been lovingly hand-crafted deep in the heart of the Erzgebirge mountain range in Germany, an area renowned for its Christmas artisans and exquisite woodworking. It’s modern design and careful application of colour pay respect to the natural grain and texture of locally sourced wood. For authentic, vibrant and unique Christmas decorations, look no further than the German Christmas Shop.

Wooden incense burner handcrafted in Germany.

This burner takes regular-sized incense cones.

A wide range of incense cones are sold separately. Check out our full range.

12cm Wide x 11 cm High

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