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About Us

Just a couple of Christmas nuts

This photo was taken on our very first trip to Europe together. Kristie and I travelled to Germany and Austria to take in the Christmas markets and the snowy, Christmas weather. The only problem was, we went during an unseasonably warm season and so it didn't snow!

We travelled to Salzburg and then drove about an hour up into the alps. There, on the shadowy side of a mountain, we were able to take a sleigh ride in snow that, while thick and white, was nearly two weeks old.

It didn't matter. We loved every minute of it.

So where did The German Christmas Shop start? 

While walking through magical Christmas markets on that trip, it became clear that the decorations on offer were not available back home in Australia. We decided to take a gamble and bring in a selection of decorations, not knowing whether Aussies wanted handcrafted, German-made Christmas decorations. 

Fast forward seven years and we feel so lucky to have grown into the business we have become. Our decorations have been a smash hit. As the word has spread about our humble little online store, we have heard messages of support from so many of our customers. We love hearing that, in our own little way, we have helped to create a little Christmas magic in so many homes.

2019 - Pennsylvania bound...

In July 2019, we took an opportunity to expand our business into the USA. While this next chapter has taken us to the other side of the world, the Aussie side of operations is in safe hands...

2019 - Welcome Ellen and her elves to Sydney HQ...

While Kristie and I may be overseas at the moment, we are still a family-run Aussie business. My sister Ellen now heads up a team of Christmas elves, fulfilling all Australian orders from our base in Richmond, (a suburb of Sydney). 

We are very excited to have my little sister providing the same quality service and attention to detail when packing orders. Of course though, Kristie and I are only an email or facebook message away, if you have any questions at all!

2021 - Moin Hamburg!

In January 2021, Kristie and I had a decision to make. With the business in full swing in the USA we had to leave the States. It was time for our next adventure.

Unfortunately, coming back home was not an option due to COVID and the Australian Government closing borders. We decided our best option was to travel back to the source of our amazing decorations, Germany!

While we would not recommend trying an international move during a pandemic (unless you have to, like we did), we are now able to spend more time sourcing even more amazing artisans in Europe.

We help create memories

Anyone can sell a decoration, you just have to look at the stores filled with mass-produced plastic baubles and cheap 'knock-off' wooden decorations.

For us, our authentic decorations are so special, they becomes a little Christmas memory. For you, they will represent a time and place, bringing back fond memories of Christmases past. It could be a moment in your child’s life, or a memory of a gift from Grandma. Year on year, it will help make your family's Christmas just that little bit brighter. 

We hope you love our site and our amazing products. This humble little Aussie business is a labour of love for Kristie and I and we hope our work brings a little Christmas joy to you and yours.



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