Shipping Policy and FAQ's

Hi there, it is Ronnie here from the German Christmas Shop. On this page you will find information about our shipping rates, our shipping policy and some FAQ's. With fast, secure delivery of exquisite decorations, you can add a little Christmas magic to your home this year.


Delivery before Christmas cannot be guaranteed on orders placed AFTER December 15 2019!


Shipping Rates

Shipping Rates – Australia Wide

Orders over $200 – Free

Orders $40 - $200 - $15 (Reduced Shipping)

Orders less than $40 - $25


For our New Zealand Customers (prices are in AUD):

Orders over $200 – Free

Orders $40 - $200 - $25 (Reduced Shipping)

Orders less than $40 - $45 


Shipping to other Countries:

USA & Canada

Please visit 

Rest of World

We do not ship to other countries at this stage.


Shipping FAQ’s

Where are you shipping from?

All orders ship from our current locations in the United States:

1401 Marlbrook Lane
Lansdale PA 19446

Are you Australian?

We are both Aussie born and bred. The German Christmas Shop started back in 2014 in Sydney. In 2019, we took an opportunity to move to the USA and expand the business here. We may be shipping orders from the USA but we are still the same Aussie business, trying to spread a little Christmas magic!

How long will my order take to arrive?

  • We ship using DHL. This means your order will arrive 7-10 days from the time it is sent. 
  • Part of the reason we went with DHL was because they can guarantee faster delivery. No more waiting 4-8 weeks for something to arrive from overseas (like many of our competitors). 

Will I get a Tracking number?

  • Yes! You will receive a tracking number once the parcel is sent.
  • The tracking number will be on your 'order sent' email


What happens if I am not home to receive my package?

DHL have a number of options:

When you receive your tracking number, you can register your delivery preferences with DHL. This includes:

  • Providing additional instructions for delivery (e.g. instructions to leave at front door or under carport)
  • Changing the delivery address (e.g. from home to work)

If for some reason your parcel cannot be delivered, DHL will contact you and provide solutions that suit your needs.


If you have moved to Pennsylvania, why is shopping with you better than with other overseas retailers?

We are an Aussie Company which means two very important things for you:

1 – Your purchase is protected by the Australian Consumer Law.

Being an Australian Company, we will comply with the Australian Consumer Law when it comes to your purchase.

This means that if, for any reason, something goes wrong with your deli very, you will be covered (unlike overseas stores where you never quite know when something will be delivered or what they will do if something is damaged in transit)

Purchasing from us will give you peace of mind.


2 – We collect GST

With recent Government changes, all online purchases from foreign retailers (of any dollar amount) are subject to GST.

We get it, buying from an overseas retailer is tempting when they promise not tax is payable, it makes things seem cheaper at first.

The problem is that Australian customs are cracking down on online shopping and can hold your package, demanding that you pay GST + Customs duty

This not only increases costs, it is a whole lot of hassle you don’t need!

As an Aussie company, you can be confident that a parcel from us will reach you as promised.


*Please note: The above applies for Australian GST only. New Zealand Customers are responsible for any additional duties charged at the border.


Is shipping on orders over $40 really the same as last year when you are now shipping from the USA rather than Sydney?

With this move, we really wanted to make sure that you were looked after. For orders above $40, we are happy to absorb most of the shipping cost into the price. While it means we do not make much on our sales, cheap shipping means better service and a greater chance that you will shop with us again in the future.

 We know that our decorations can be a little addictive so a few for $40 sounds pretty good… who needs only one ornament anyway?


Why is shipping more expensive for small orders?

OK, time to call it, we know the shipping rate on small orders now sucks!

There is no point beating around the bush. Because we have moved to the USA, items shipped from Pennsylvania will cost more to deliver. First and foremost, we want to make sure that you are looked after when it comes to shipping and this is why we implemented a few rates based upon order value:

  • For purchases over $40, we can absorb part of the shipping costs and this is why orders over $40 have cheap shipping and orders over $200 will have free shipping.
  • For orders less than $40, well… the cost of shipping + the cost of the item/s means that we  don’t have enough room in the price to absorb the cost of shipping.

While it is not ideal, over 98% of our customers place orders above $40 and so won’t be affected. Shipping charges will be the same (or better) than last year!


Can we exchange or return if something goes wrong with our order? 

Because we are an Aussie company, your purchase is protected by  the Australian Consumer Law and our Returns Policy. Check out the full terms here.

This applies to our New Zealand customers also.


I am a customer from New Zealand, why is the shipping now cheaper?

For our Kiwi Customers, the great news is that for most orders, it is now cheaper for us to ship from the USA to New Zealand than it was to ship from Sydney to NZ (go figure!).

While we are in the same boat regarding smaller orders, most orders to NZ are well above $40 (what can we say, our decorations are addictive!). This means that most will find shipping to be cheaper (and faster) moving forward.

*Please note: New Zealand Customers are responsible for any additional duties charged at the border.

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