The best things come in small packages

For some people, bigger is better. Our German Christmas Shop is probably not for them. 

While we sell a large number of products between 20cm and 50cm tall (think Nutcrackers and Christmas Pyramids), many of our items are small.


Small in size but big on detail.

We received feedback from a customer earlier this year. She had purchased on one of our ‘Hansel and Gretel’ Incense burner houses. The product page listed the dimensions and contained a video of the product. Unfortunately she was not happy: 

‘I think that, for the money, the item should be much bigger’

Each to their own. While this customer wants big statement pieces, what makes this little incense burner so special is that it contains over 200 small pieces of wood. Each is hand-carved, coloured and assembled in a little town in Germany according to generations-old traditions.

It may not be giant, but the detail and workmanship is beyond compare. It is a small piece to be treasured each year when it is placed on display.

Sure, there will always be mass-produced, cheap decorations available on the market and there is nothing wrong with wanting a big display on a budget. It is just not our style.


A hand-crafted decoration shares Christmas memories.

We recognise that our handcrafted decorations cannot be mass-produced, nor can they ever be as ‘cheap’ as a chain store. What they represent though is care, attention to detail, and skilled craftsmanship. You will treasure a decoration from our range, and the memories it brings back each time it is hung.

‘My Granddaughters love their little mushroom men. Whenever they hang them they will think of me’

Anna is one of our wonderful customers. We have been fortunate to talk each year at around the same time, a time when she purchases a new decoration for each of her three granddaughters.

The first decorations she bought were a set of three little gnomes. Each had a ‘mushroom hat’, red with white spots. Yes, the decorations are hand-crafted, but what makes them truly special is that for many years into the future, three girls will hang their mushroom man and think of their grandmother’s love.


This is what we mean when we say a special decoration can share Christmas memories. Sometimes, size isn’t the most important thing.