Large gnome Christmas tree decoration - Chef

$44.00 AUD

With a gingham scarf and adorable little whisk, this little chef will whip up some Christmas love on your tree this year. Impressively large, our Gnome friends are our most popular Christmas tree decorations. Collect your own set of gnomes and see why they are so popular.

This Christmas tree decoration been handmade in the town of Seiffen Germany by an artisan company that has specialised in Christmas decorations for almost 100 years. As all items are handmade each piece has it's own small variations that make it unique.

The Erzgebirge mountains have been a centre for woodworking for centuries. As you would expect, there are strict controls on artisans who wish to market products as 'Erzgebirge'. The time and skill required to produce high-quality, genuine 'Erzgebirge' items make them some of the most sought after decorations in the world.

Wooden Christmas tree decoration handcrafted in Germany
10.8cm High x 5cm Wide

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