A Superstar Nativity - Set of 3 Christmas tree decorations

We love the simple stylized carving of the little figures in this large star ornament. A perfect little holy family including baby Jesus in his manger is framed by a natural wooden star. These are some of our finest Christmas decorations. Coming in their own gift boxes, they also makes a perfect gift.

In the town of Marienberg in the Erzgebirge mountain range of Germany, Gunter and his son Lutz produce some of the most exquisite Christmas decorations available. Delicate colours and soft lines are their trade mark, composed with the same style as the finest jeweler or designer.

Set of 3 Wooden Christmas tree decorations. Handcrafted in Germany.

Set Contains:
1 x Holy Family in Star
1 x Shepherd in Star
1 x Wise Men in Star
Height: 8.5cm

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