Premium Incense Cones (Regular-Sized) - 'Sweet Treats' 2-pack by Huss

We have combined two amazing Sweet scents into one pack, exclusive to The German Christmas Shop. Made from simple, natural ingredients, use incense cones within our range of incense burners and fill your home with evocative Easter scents.

Since 1930, The Huss family have been crafting some of the finest, natural incense cones available. From their family workshop deep within the Erzgebirge mountains in Germany, their exclusive use of natural materials and commitment to sustainability have create soft, refined scents that gently permeate through your home. This is not your average Incense!

Contains 2 x Packs of Incense Cones (48 in total), including:

  • 1 x Pack (24) - Chocolate
  • 1 x Pack (24) - Honey

Size: Regular (2cm tall)

Important: Incense cones, when lit should smoulder. You should never see a flame.
Never leave a lit incense cone unattended.

Allergin Warning: Honey incense is made with natural honey and may cause a reaction in those who are allergic to Honey & Honey products.

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