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We're Changing our Name!

Hi, it's Ronnie here.

After five years as Adornare, we have decided to make a little change...

In the spirit of the season that is our most popular, we will soon be changing our name to 'The German Christmas Shop'

Our new web address will be the germanchristmasshop.com.au


What does this mean?

  • I want to assure you that our business is still run by Kristie and I and that we are still stocking only the finest handmade decorations from Germany.
  • We will also be stocking our premium range of collectables and Easter products. Our name change really reflects the fact that our biggest season is Christmas and, as an online retailer, our name change will make us much easier to find!
  • If you have liked us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram, you will notice that our posts will display as from the German Christmas Shop rather than from Adornare
  • Our emails will also be sent fromhello@thegermanchristmasshop.com.au


Is Adornare still around?

adornare.com.au will remain as our wholesale portal. We work with a range of premium retailers through Australia and New Zealand and Adornare will remain as the business name for our wholesale customers.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us a line at hello@thegermanchristmasshop.com.au