Little Angel Figurine - Guardian Angel Taking a Nap

Dreaming sweetly under a tree, this angel will melt your heart! What a perfect little gift for someone special! Our little angels in their individual gift boxes are highly collectible and make a perfect gift.

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It is a tradition in Germany to mark life's special occasions and achievements with small gifts and one of the most popular are little, handcrafted angels. Coming in all manner of positions, our range of miniature angels carry on this tradition with their own understated elegance.

In a tiny town in the Erzgebirge mountain range of Germany, Gunter and his son Lutz have created something truly magical. The fine details and exquisite woodworking of their pieces are beyond compare and have the fine touch of a jeweler or artist. These figurines are premium collectibles at the same level as a Swarovski crystal piece. With dozens of designs, you will want to collect them all!

Handmade in Germany
Height: 4cm


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