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How many eggs does it take to make an Easter tree?

February 27, 2019 1 Comment

How many eggs does it take to make an Easter tree?

So how many eggs does it take to make an Easter tree?

For centuries, there has been a tradition in Germany of decorating the branches of trees and bushes with eggs. No one quite knows where and when it started but a German Easter would not be the same without an Easter tree. 

But how many decorations do you need? Does my Easter tree need to compare to my Christmas tree? Today we have some answers for you.

Easter Trees - The Basics

‘But putting up a Christmas tree is enough effort’ say the doubtful… ‘Why would we do it all again for Easter?’ 

Easter trees are (usually) a much smaller affair than their Christmas counterparts. In general, some people may have a small wooden or wire tree from which they hang some painted wooden eggs or figurines. For example, we have a white ‘twig style’ tree that we decorate for both Christmas and Easter:




The most common Easter tree is not really a tree at all

That’s right, for most people, a bunch of foliage or sturdy twigs, arranged in a vase makes a beautiful ‘Easter tree’. Pick a vase with a wide enough base (for balance) and create your very own Easter display. You only need very few ornaments to really create a bit of magic!



So the best tip is to start small and give it a go. With a bunch of foliage and a couple of sets of inexpensive wooden eggs, you will create a little bit of Easter magi for your family. Who knows, you may find you love it so much that you want to go a little bigger each year.

But maybe not as big as the following:


The world’s largest Easter tree 

In the highly competitive world of Easter Egg tree decorating, there are a few ground rules to consider. First and foremost, the eggs to be hung must be real, no wood, no plastic, just shell. Keep this in mind when you think about the following numbers.

In 2007, some committed Easter lovers managed to set a new world records with 76,596 eggs being hung from a single tree. It was a noble effort and the record was not matched…until 2017.

According to Guinness World Records, the most eggs ever hung from a single tree is now 82,404. It happened in Brazil in 2017, the eggs were hung from a pecan tree.



Imagine having to blow and paint over 80,000 eggs… I know I don’t have the patience!

The world’s most nostalgic Easter tree

Once upon a time (up until 2015 to be precise), a man named Volker Kraft in the town of Saalfeld Germany was famous for his Easter tree. For fifty years, he and his wife decorated an apple tree in their front yard with 10,000 eggs. The sight drew amazingly large crowds and was a fixture on German news whenever Easter came around each year.

Retiring in 2015, it seemed as though an era was lost. Mr Kraft, however, donated all 10,000 eggs to the town of Saalfeld and they now continue his tradition in the town’s main park. It may not be the largest number of eggs ever hung on one tree, but it certainly is one of the nicest stories.



Add an Easter tree to your home this year

An Easter tree is a wonderful tradition to add to your Easter celebration. It helps create lasting, magical memories with your loved ones and that is a wonderful thing.

Have a great week,



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Deb Henry
Deb Henry

April 19, 2019

Awesome Easter trees. Thanks for sharing!

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