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Christmas Incense Cones - A Masterclass

November 08, 2018

Christmas Incense Cones - A Masterclass

Ok... well... not quite a masterclass but I did want to share with you today our experience making incense cones.

It was a snowy day in the Erzgebirge mountains and we had traveled to Crottendorf to meet with Elisabeth Graupner, one of our artisans. She shared with us an unforgettable experience at the Crottendorfer Incense factory.

This photo is from summer. When we visited, the grounds were dusted with snow, making the giant incense cone stand out even more. Inside that cone was a museum where Elisabeth told us about her great-grandmother and how she had founded this factory many generations ago.

Inside the museum, we were guided into a timber-lined room where long benches held place setting for each of us



With a mug of Glühwein in hand, we were ready for our masterclass. The only problem is that the whole tutorial was in German.

Or... to be specific... Erzgebirgisch (which is like German with an accent!)

Luckily we had Elisabeth to translate but to be honest, the little language barrier was actually part of the fun!


So what goes into Incense?

It is simple really. Fine sawdust from locally sourced, sustainable wood. Charcoal, natural scents and some oil!

After mixing the concoction, we had to knead it with our hands. Think giant black play-dough.


From this giant ball, we then rolled little incense cones. And there you have it, one box of incense cones made by us!

The most important thing was to then let them fully dry out and harden. We have been waiting all year and cannot wait to light one. 


Don't worry, we won't quit our day jobs

It was such a fun experience but we know that our Incense is definitely not the prettiest.

Luckily though we have partnered with two of the finest incense makers in Germany to bring some scented Christmas magic to your home this Christmas.

In addition to Crottendorfer Raucherkerzen, we are pleased to offer for the first time this year some exquisite incense from Huss Raucherkerzen. Their commitment to natural, sustainable production has create some of the finest incense available on the market. Our special Christmas 3-pack of Cinnamon, Christmas Tree and Christmas Market Spice is just magical!


So why not try for yourself?




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