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Christmas Incense Burners from Germany are awesome!

November 07, 2018

Christmas Incense Burners from Germany are awesome!

Hi, it's Ronnie here and today I want to share with you something very near and dear to me. The amazing, magical tradition of German Incense burners at Christmas!

So what is a German Incense Burner?

For many thousands of years, Incense has been a prized commodity (think Frankincense and Myrrh). There has been a tradition of burning incense at Christmas for as long as there has been a Christmas! As a luxury item, its use at special times of the year was always a real treat.

In Germany, the tradition of the Räuchermann (Smoking Man) originated in the Erzgebirge Mountains in the 1800’s. Originally made from Paper Mache, skilled woodcarvers soon created the form we know today, a unique and surprising addition to any home at Christmas. 


More traditional Räuchermann were carved to depict the professions of the craftsmen and their communities. Little ‘smoking men’ were made to look like farmers and hunters, cooks and clergy. Today though, they come in all manner of Christmas shapes and sizes from Santa’s to Snowmen and gnomes. One of my favourites is this little reindeer where sweet Christmas scents waft out of his nostrils like steam on a cold winters night! 

But I don’t like the smell of Incense!!

 This is one we hear from time to time and to be honest, I don’t really care for the traditional kind either. What I love about Christmas incense is that it is soft, sweet and gentle. Think soft pine, Cinnamon and Christmas spice. 

Christmas incense cones are designed to give your home a hint of Christmas magic. Just enough scent to trigger happy nostalgic memories and give your home that Christmassy feel.


Smoking Houses are adorable!


Räuchermann are one thing but those industrious Germans have also created little ‘smoking houses’ that are simply too cute for words!

The idea is similar only, instead of a figure smoking their pipe or breathing steam, sweet Christmas scents waft up through their Chimney!

How cute does this little house look?


Add some magic this Christmas with an incense burner

Are you looking for something unique and adorable for your home this Christmas? We think that an incense burner may be just what you are looking for.

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Have a great week.



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